Educational Program “Technologies of Machine Building”

Educational Program “Technologies of Machine Building”

Field of Study

13 Mechanical engineering


131 Applied Mechanics

Educational Program

Technologies of Machine Building

Educational Level


Subjects of Centralized Entrance Exam 2020

  • Ukrainian Language and Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Physics or Foreign Language

Tuition Fee (previous year)

11950 UAH per year

Short Description of the Program

Learning objectives - professional engineering in the field of design, production and operation of technical systems, machines and equipment, robotic devices and systems, developing of machine-building industries technologies. In the process of education students master the general laws of theoretical mechanics and their practical use, theoretical bases of machine construction, technologies of machine-building productions, mechanics of liquid and gases, details of machines and designs, forecasting of technical systems’ operational properties. Training is conducted with the use of metal-cutting machines, tools, technological and control devices, control and measuring devices, numerical control systems, machine tool drives and robotic systems.

Program Benefits

Possibilities for studying and training abroad

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Main disciplines of professional training

Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Graphics; Theory of Mechanisms and Machines; Human Security; Hydraulics, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Drive; Theoretical Foundations of Heat Engineering; Technological Bases of Mechanical Engineering; Operation and Maintenance of Machines; Machine Parts; Technology of Construction Materials and Materials Science; Interchangeability, Standardization and Technical Measurements; Theoretical Bases of Technology of Details Production and Machine Assembling; Technology of Processing of Standard Details and Machine Assembling and Technological Equipment; Cutting Theory; Cutting Tool; Technological Methods of Production of Machine Part Blanks; Metal-cutting Machines.

Positions that graduates can hold

According to DC 003: 2010 a trained Bachelor can occupy the following positions under the code 3115 of profession classification group “Technical specialist – mechanic” with professional names of work (with a code of the all-Union classifier of trades, positions and tariff categories):

  • 23485 – Mechanic:
  • 23592 – Production Mechanic;
  • 23516 – Group Mechanic;
  • 23607 – Division Mechanic;
  • 23583 – Mechanic for Transport Repair;
  • 23580 – Mechanic for Equipment Repair;
  • 23616 – Workshop Mechanic;
  • 24982 – Technician for Automation of Production Processes;
  • 25032 – Equipment Maintenance and Repair Technician;
  • 24989 – Tool Mechanic;
  • 24998 – Technician for Mechanization of Labor-intensive Processes;
  • 24971 – Design Technician (Mechanics);
  • 25041 – Technician-technologist (Mechanics).

Partner Institutions

PJSC Poltava Machine-Building Plant “Poltavamash”,;

PAAZ Poltava Automobile Assembly Plant:;

PJSC “Poltava Diamond Tool”:;

PJSC “Poltava Medical Glass Plant”:;

PJSC “Poltava Oil Extraction Plant - Kernel Group”:;

PJSC “Locomotive Repair Plant”:;

PJSC “Poltava Turbomechanical Plant”:;

PJSC “Electric Motor”:;

PJSC “Ltava Plant”:;

PJSC “PMZ «Denasmash»”:;

PJSC “Karlivka Vary Machine-Building Plant”:;

SE “Lubny Machine-Tool Plant PJSC «Motor Sich»”:;

PJSC “Poltava GOK”:;

Ltd. “Titan Ukraine”,

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