Culture and art

An important direction of activity of the University is cultural and spiritual development of students. The Center of Culture and Student Creativity performs in PNTU. It is a special structural subdivision of the University and works with talented and gifted youth of all faculties. The Center includes more than ten amateur artistic groups. They unite students by interests and provide every individual with the opportunity of creative self-realization. They are the folk, ballroom, pop dance ensembles, choirs, instrumental ensembles, theater and circus studio, vocal ensembles, soloists and the only School of KVN teams in Poltava region. The teams participate and win prizes not only in regional but also in international festivals of KVN teams. The student youth have the opportunity not only to participate in the University extracurricular activities held almost every week by the Center of Culture and Student Creativity, but also to compete and win in the regional and national festivals and competitions.

The Center of Culture and Student Creativity of PNTU is always open for talented and purposeful students where they can express themselves in their favorite kind of art.

See you in 312-F.

Contact us:

Director of the CoCSC Ragulin G.P. – 0506521152, 0971541322


Danilo Reveka

Dmitro Osipenko


Brass band

Chapel "Kredo"


Song and Dance Ensemble "Poltavskyi Kray"

Vladislav Grechka