Faculty of Philology, Psychology and Pedagogy

In 2012, the Faculty of Philology, Psychology and Pedagogy completed the structure of the University, which began training specialists in current specialties and areas demanded at the current stage of society development. It is a qualitatively new division within the University that helps to implement the comprehensive concept development of a higher education institution. It makes possible to combine the achievements of technical, natural and humanitarian science, to join the irreversible processes of integration and globalization of education and knowledge, to prepare modern specialists who cannot get lost in the labor market, search and find its most promising offers.


Ageicheva Anna Oleksandrivna

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of Foreign Philology and Translation Department


Deputy Deans

Deputy Dean for Educational Work

Denysovets Iryna Viktorivna

Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor of Ukrainian Studies, Culture and Documentation Department


014 Secondary Education English Language and Second Foreign Language

023 Fine Arts, Decorative Arts, Restoration

029 Information, Library and Archival Studies (specialization: Documentation and Information Activities);

035 Philology (Specialization 035.04 "German languages and literature" (translation included))


Specialty: 029 „ Information, Library and Archival Studies ”

(Specialization: „Documentation and Information Activity”) – is a modern, demand-driven industry of training specialists. It is included in the list of European specialties that meet the requirements of the Bologna Process. Graduation Department of Ukrainian studies, culture and documentation provides training of this specialization in National University «Yuri Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic».

Graduation department staff


Specialization relevance

Specialists in documentation and information activities that carry out timely analytical processing of data of all branches of social and economic life, solve the issues of professional training and advanced training of managers, seek reserves of human resources and managerial capacity, and improve the style and culture of business relations. This means that the specialization "Documentation and Information Activities" is important and especially needed in our mobile, informational, busy time.


Basic work places where you can work after graduation:

  • Departments of information, press service of commercial and government agencies;
  • Marketing departments and services;
  • Advertising and PR departments;
  • Information and analytical centers of organizations, institutions, enterprises of various forms of ownership;
  • Work on the chosen specialty in the state administration bodies of the region, geographical area, country;
  • Consulting centers


A specialist in documentation and information activities may hold such positions

  • Personnel specialist;
  • Specialist in providing information;
  • Specialist in advertising and marketing communications;
  • Secretary-referent;
  • Press secretary, PR-textual critic (Public Relations departments);
  • Coordinator of business presentations and projects in state, business and public organizations;
  • Information analyst;
  • Specialist in information support of the modern office;
  • Head of Information Service:
  • Head of marketing communications department and others.

Specialty: 035 Philology (Specialization 035.04 "German Languages and Literature" (translation included))

Enhanced international cooperation, stable contacts with foreign partners and increase the flow of tourists from around the world require professional communication in business negotiations, a highly qualified translation of technical and economic documents, determines the need for translation professionals who are fluent in foreign languages and promoted partnerships with foreign investors and enterprises.

Specialization relevance

In particular, especially in Ukraine and in the Poltava region, the development of the oil and gas and construction sectors, enterprises of which there is a constant need to provide translation in foreign or state languages, is especially intensified.

National University «Yuri Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic» has the necessary personnel, scientific potential, material, and technical base for implementation of training future translators in scientific and technical direction.

The Bachelor of Philology participates in writing and oral communication and providing information in various fields of the national economy, science, technology, education, culture through the translation of multi-language texts from the foreign language into the state language and vice versa. The Bachelor’s educational level in direction "translation" is the basis for continuing the training of specialists at the second "Master’s" educational level.


Specialist philologist-translator may hold the following positions:

  • specialist translator in public and private institutions
  • translator of scientific and technical literature
  • translator of business literature
  • translator-interpreter
  • guide-interpreter
  • editor-translator
  • linguist - computer scientist - practitioner
  • translator - consultant


Faculty students have the opportunity to study subjects taught in a foreign language, such as:

  • Basics of Simultaneous Translation
  • History of Literature of the English-speaking Countries
  • Basics of Translation Editing
  • Information Systems and Technologies in Translation Activities
  • Oral Double-sided Translation
  • Problems of Translation of Scientific and Technical Literature
  • Two-way Translation Texts of Different Genres
  • Comparative Lexicology of English and Ukrainian Languages
  • Comparative Stylistics of English and Ukrainian Languages
  • History of English language
  • History of literature of the second foreign language
  • History of Translation
  • Theory Basis of Speech Communication.

Students of the faculty live in cozy hostels that are compactly located near educational buildings in the green zone. On the territory of the students' campus, there is a dining room, a medical center, a library, an artificial playground, a wi-fi zone, a laundry room, and two sports halls.

Student self-government exists in order to ensure the student's fulfillment of their duties and their rights protection, to promote the harmonious development of the student's personality, to form the skills of the future organizer, the head of the faculty.

The main tasks of student self-government bodies are: to provide and protect the students’ rights and interests; to ensure student fulfillment of their duties; to promote educational, scientific and creative students activity; to create the necessary conditions for residence and rest of the students, various student groups, associations, clubs of interest.

Faculty is located in P educational building, at the address:

Poltava, 24,Pershotravnevyi avenue, office. 203P.


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