Department of Technology building constructions, products and materials

Department of Technology building constrcutions, products and materials in 1996 in the structure of the building department Poltava National Technical University named after Yuri Kondratyuk was established. The department trains students for full-time, part-time and accelerated learning.

Bondar V.O.

D.T.S., Professor,

Head. Department

Shulgin V.V.

Ph.D., Associate professor


Ahmednabiyev R.M.

Ph.D., Associate Professor


Bondar L.V.

Ph.D., Associate Professor


Popovich N.M.

Ph.D., Associate professor


Demchenko O.O.

Ph.D., Associate professor


Ghukasian O.M.

Ph.D., senior lecture


Kucherova T.G.

нead. laboratory


Zagrebelna S.V.

senior laboratory


Gaev O.D.

educational master


Department of Building Materials was founded in November 1933 by order of the Poltava Agricultural Institute of Engineers Construction. During the period from 1933 to 1954 there was a chair, both independently and as part of the Department of Agricultural building. Led department: associate professor Kukushkin S.G., professor Zatsepin G. G., Sukhanov V.P.

In 1954, the institute was created 17 departments, including - Department of Building Materials, headed by Associate Professor Chuprunenko K.V. is considered the founder of the department. During its management until 1972 established logistical base laboratory, which modernized form exists today. From 1972 to 1983 headed the department associate professor Marchenko K.I. In 1983, the merger of the departments established the Department of Chemistry and building materials under prof. Shevchuk V.G..

In 1994 he started training in the specialty 7.092104 "Building constructions, products and materials." In this regard, in January 1996, the Department of Building Materials reformed in the department of technology of building constructions, products and materials, which became graduates in this field. Headed department associate professor Pogrebnoy D.P. From 2000 to 2105 the department was headed by doctor of technical sciences, professor Pashinsky V.A., doctor of technical sciences, professor Bondar V.O., Ph.D., associate professor Shulgin V.V. Now the department is headed by professor Bondar V.O.

Chuprunenko K.V.

Marchenko K.I.

Pogrebnoy D.P.

Pashinsky V.A.

Shulgin V.V.

Bondar V.O.

TBCPandM and M department is issuing in technology of building constructions, products and materials. Specialty "Technology of building constructions, products and materials" is accredited for 4 level of accreditation in 2012 Department trains specialists in the field of "Building" 6.060101 qualification level of bachelor for professional purposes "Technology building constructions, products and materials" and the industry knowledge "Building and architecture" 0601 educational levels and specialist 7.06010104 8.06010104 master specialty "Technology of building structures, products and materials." Students acquire skills specialty rational design of the building industry, the development and modernization of production technology of building materials, products and structures, creating new modern energy efficient materials.

Specialists can work as design engineers to design organizations, master, engineer, plant manager and others.

The teachers of the department are involved in training in the field: "Architecture"; "Industrial and civil construction"; "Municipal Construction and Economy"; "Heat and Ventilation"; "Highways and airports"; "Lifting, construction, road and agricultural machines and equipment"; "Water and sanitation".

The staff of the department of technology of building structures products and materials developed the concept of the development department at the 2012-2020 biennium.

The Concept is:

  • strengthening scientific and educational potential of the department, the causes that slow down its adaptation to a socially oriented market economy;
  • integration in the university in the European and global educational and research space;
  • developing partnerships with related departments of universities in Ukraine and abroad.

In developing the concept into account three interdependent strategies that define its goals, principles and activities, organization and methods of addressing specific educational, research and teaching tasks:

  1. personal and professional, which means that only a powerful personal and professional capacities of teachers, educators, instructors able to form a similar and more powerful potential future professionals;
  2. creative-heuristic that is in constant search for creative ways to improve professional training builders of technology;
  3. the interaction and cooperation, implemented at the department, the university, the relevant departments of other universities, research institutions and organizations.

The department conducts classes on the 36nd academic disciplines at 4 faculties. The majors listed below.

  • Building materials
  • Fillers for concrete
  • Physical-chemical mechanics of building materials
  • Technical operation of buildings / testing in construction
  • Physical-chemical mechanics of building materials
  • Organization and planning at the enterprises of the building industry
  • Technology and reinforced concrete products and structures
  • The production base construction
  • Technology Basics finishing and insulating materials
  • Technology building ceramics
  • Concrete and mortars
  • Fittings for concrete structures
  • Research Methodology
  • Technology Basics finishing and insulating materials
  • Organization and planning at the enterprises of the building industry
  • Designing of construction industry
  • Production technology of efficient building constructions
  • Production technology of building ceramics
  • Technology and reinforced concrete products and structures
  • Progressive technology of building materials
  • Physical-chemical mechanics of building materials
  • Material binders
  • Building materials
  • Concrete and mortars
  • New technologies and materials in building construction
  • Technology reinforced concrete
  • Factors successful employment
  • Basics of scientific and technical creativity
  • Physical-chemical mechanics
  • Reliability building materials and products
  • Introduction to the diploma design
  • Quality management of construction products
  • Resource and energy saving in the production of building materials
  • Nano additive and modifiers for concrete
  • Physical-chemical mechanics of road-building materials

The department is actively engaged in methodical and publishing activities. All subjects taught at the Department 100% secured modern methodical literature. Guidelines published in recent year’s lecturer.

Shulgin V.V. Bondar L.V., Ahmednabiyev R.M., Sushko V.O. Methodical Guidance to the master's qualification work, Poltava: PoltNTU, 2014. - 26 p.

Ahmednabiyev R.M. Guidelines for independent work on discipline "Technology of building ceramics", 2014 25. - 25 p.

Bondar L.V., Sushko V.A. Guidelines for independent work on discipline "concrete and grout," Poltava: PoltNTU, 2014. - 32 p.

Shulgin V.V. Popovich N.M., Cooper Tutorial on the subject "The production base construction" for students of specialty 6.060101 - construction, industry knowledge 0601 - Construction and Architecture, Poltava: PoltNTU, 2015. - 172 p.

Yurko I.A., OA Dovzhenko The collective monograph "Building composite materials." Novosibirsk, Acad. "Sybak", 2014, 232 p.

Yurko I.A., Popovich N.M., Demchenko O.V. Method for laboratory classes on the subject "Test in construction." Part 1, Poltava: PoltNTU, 2014. - 24 p.

Sushko V.A., Yurko I.A. Laboratory workshop with the subject "Construction Materials", Poltava: PoltNTU, 2014. - 145 p.

The department of technology of building designs, products and materials research performed in the following research areas:

  • Protection against corrosion Reinforced Concrete cathodic polarization. Head: Bondar L.V., Bondar V.O.;
  • Energy saving products and technology. Head: Shulgin V.V.;
  • High-strength concrete with additives. Head: Ahmednabiyev R.M., Demchenko O.V.;
  • Technologies of soil and cement products. Head: Shulgin V.V.;
  • Analysis of building materials, products and structures in operational environments. Head: Shulgin V.V., Sushko V.O.

All scientific developments and inventions found further development in the form of patents and publications both in Ukraine and abroad, as well as tested and implemented in production. The members of the department received 30 certificates and 6 patents.

The department has building products testing center accredited for technical competence and independence of the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine. Accreditation test center test includes metal, wood and concrete structures. Besides testing center is testing materials of cement, gypsum, lime, dry mixes, aggregates for concrete and other materials and products.

Outside practical lesson at JSC "Brick factory" v. Reshetilovka

June 2012 practical training with discipline "Technology of building ceramics."

Outside practical lesson at JSC "Poltava Mining and Processing Plant" in Komsomolsk

November 7, 2013 was carried out practical work experience at JSC "Poltava Mining and Processing Plant" in Komsomolsk for students 2 - 4 courses of building faculty professional direction "Technology of building structures, products and materials."

Museum of Poltava Mining and Processing Plant

Automotive repair department combine

Quarry of "Poltava Mining and Processing Plant"

Outside practical lesson for the production of LLC "Ukrspetstekhnika" in the v. Reshetilivka Poltava region

In accordance with the curriculum course "Fundamentals of Technology finishing and insulation materials 'and students' practical training was held on 18 of November practical work experience for students 4 - 5 - year student of Civil Engineering Faculty of professional direction" Technology of building structures, products and materials. "

Indoor warehouse for polystyrene blocks

Workshop for production of dry construction mixtures

Graduates work as engineers, heads of departments, artists, designers, engineers, business construction industry, namely:

  • Сoncrete products plant 7" (Chief Technologist Borisyuk O.V., Chief reinforcing department Zagrebelna S.V.);
  • Plant discharge lamps " (Laboratory Spigun Y.O.);
  • "Combine industrial enterprises" (Laboratory Taban I.A.);
  • «KmLabs» (Engineer tribohimreaktoriv Shostak A.V.);
  • "Sen" LTD (Director Yukhimenko A.A.).

Work at the University Graduates: Popovych N.M., Demchenko O.V., Sushko, Yurko I.A., Ghukasian O.M., Ahmednabiyev R.R. Gutak O.I.

Mailing address: 36011, Poltava, Prospect Pervomajskij, 24,


№ 118, the central building of the University