Educational Program “Electromechanical Automation Systems and Electric Drive”

Educational Program “Electromechanical Automation Systems and Electric Drive”

Field of Study

14 Electrical Engineering


141 Electricity, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics

Educational Program

Electromechanical Automation Systems and Electric Drive

Educational Level


Entrance examination

  • Unified entrance exam in Foreign Language

Tuition Fee

  • Full-time: 9850 UAH per semester
  • Distance: 8500 UAH per semester

Short Description of the Program

The program is aimed at training specialists who provide:

  • preparing measurement instruments and equipment, performing metrological control;
  • organization and execution of works on setting up and testing equipment in accordance with the standards of PUE, PTE, SNIP, labor CODE, fire safety, technical requirements of the manufacturer;
  • testing and configuring software for upper and lower level SCADA systems;
  • quality control for works, making necessary adjustments to achieve the set up parameters and characteristics of equipment and systems;
  • development of project documentation (all stages of design – P, R, RP) for automatic process control systems and engineering systems;
  • continuous operation, correct operation, repair and modernization of power equipment, electrical networks, lifting mechanisms at the place of production.

Program Benefits

Possibilities for studying and training abroad

International programs:;

Double degree programs:

Main disciplines of professional training

Electric Drive and Automation of Automatic Machines; Electric Drive and Automation of Robots and Manipulators; Special Software for Tasks of Electromechanics; Installation, Commissioning, Operation and Repair of Electromechanical Systems; Standard Automated Electric Drive; Cybernetic Automation Systems. Robust and Adaptive Control in Electromechanical Systems; Foreign Language (In Professional Areas); Modern Microcontroller Control Systems and Programmable Logic Controllers; Power Supply of Industrial Enterprises; Experimental Research Methods; Electric Drives with Microprocessor Control.

Positions that graduates can hold

2131.2 - Engineer for automated production management systems; 2131.2 - Engineer-researcher of computerized systems and automation; 2143.1 - Engineer-researcher on energy, agriculture; 2143.1 - Junior researcher (electrical engineering); 2143.1 - Research associate (electrical engineering); 2143.1 - Research assistant-consultant (electrical engineering); 2143.2 - Dispatcher of the unified dispatcher control of the power system; 2143.2 - Engineer for the operation of emergency automation; 2143.2 - Electrification Engineer for an agricultural enterprise; 2143.2 - Engineer for setting up, improving the technology and operation of power stations and networks; 2143.2 - Engineer for operational dispatch service modes; 2143.2 - Engineer for relay protection and electroautomatics; 2143.2 - Engineer by means of dispatching and technological management; 2143.2 - Engineer of the conversion complex; 2143.2 - Engineer of the insulation and surge protection service; 2143.2 - Engineer of the power enterprise lines service; 2143.2 - Substation service Engineer; 2143.2 - Engineer of the distribution network service; 2143.2 - Рower Engineer; 2143.2 - Design Engineer (electrical engineering); 2145.2 - Engineer for mechanization and automation of production processes; 2149.2 - Expert on energy saving and energy efficiency; 2149.2 - Сommissioning and testing Engineer; 2149.2 - Engineer for operation and repair organization; 2149.2 - Engineer for patent and inventive work; 2149.2 - Engineer for the introduction of new equipment and technology; 2149.2 - Research Engineer; 2149.2 - Design Engineer; 2149.2 - Control Engineer; 2149.2 - Laboratory Engineer; 2149.2 - Consultant (in a specific field of engineering); 2149.2 - Consultant on energy saving and energy efficiency; 2149.2 - System Developer (other than computers); 2310.2 – Assistant; 2310.2 - Teacher of higher education institutions; 2320 - Teacher of a professional educational institution; 2320 - Lecturer of professional-technical educational institutions; 2359.2 - Lecturer.

Partner Institutions

PJSC Poltava machine-building plant "Poltavamash",;

PAAZ Poltava automobile Assembly plant,;

PJSC "Poltava diamond tool",;

PJSC Poltava plant of medical glass,;

PJSC "Poltava oil extraction plant-Kerner group",;

PJSC "locomotive repair plant";;

PJSC Poltava turbo mechanical plant;;

PJSC "Elektromotor";;

PJSC "Poltavaoblenergo",;

Poltava production enterprise "Universal" UTOG,

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