"Chance of Science": three Polytechnic scientists become speakers at an international conference in Germany

Three scientists of the National University "Yuri Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic" – Ph.D., Associate Professor Nataliia Senenko, Ph.D., Associate Professor Alina Yanko and Ph.D. Nataliia Maksiuta took an active part in the international conference "Chance of Science", organized by one of the leading German institutions of higher education, which is engaged in comprehensive support in the conditions of war – the University of Leipzig.

"Chance of Science": three Polytechnic scientists become speakers at an international conference in Germany

The moderator of the conference was professor Carmen Bachman.

The large-scale international event took place on September 8-9, 2022. 160 Ukrainian scientists presented their research in various fields, among which three representatives of the Poltava Polytechnic University made a speech with their own reports.

The online format of professional and scientific communication did not prevent students and scientists from Ukraine and Germany, as well as representatives of business and German research institutions from sharing research results and developing a partner network. Within the framework of the conference, scientists and educators could exchange opinions and proposals regarding the creation of associations in accordance with the areas of work in the context of integration into the European educational space.

Scientist of the Educational and Research Institute of Information Technologies and Robotics of the National University "Yuri Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic", Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Computer and Information Technologies and Systems Alina Yanko presented a report "Creation of real-time highly reliable computer systems based on using a non-positional number system in residual classes", dedicated to the study of issues of strengthening the state's national security in the information sphere on the basis of ensuring the reliability, confidentiality, integrity and availability of state information resources, information with limited access used at critical information infrastructure facilities in conditions of information and hybrid wars. In her research, the scientist analyzed the state of information security in modern computer systems and networks, including those with critical functions, substantiated the requirements and directions of development of modern computer systems in order to improve information security based on the development of models and methods of information exchange. The research resulted in the latest data in the field of development of dual-use technologies in the field of application of a non-positional counting system in residual classes, increasing the speed and integrity of integer data processing in CS and dual-use networks, including programs for cryptographic data transformations.

"The presentation of scientific developments at an international conference of such a high level, the exchange of practical experience and communication with colleagues-scientists, is quite inspiring and motivating. The field of my scientific interests is improving the productivity of computer systems and the reliability of integer data processing by developing and implementing methods for monitoring, diagnosing and correcting errors in the system of residual classes, so the report I presented was an attempt to provide answers to some of the most common questions of Ukrainian science. Thank you for the opportunity to gain new experience and present my own achievements, I have a strong incentive to work and study further," – commented conference participant Alina Yanko.

The report "The parameters analysis of the obtained and created alkaline and acid means effective using for dairy industry equipment" by Nataliia Senenko, lecturer of the Educational and Research Institute of Oil and Gas of the Poltava Polytechnic, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Chemistry and Physics, was devoted to the invention of cleaning and disinfection products for installations and equipment for milk processing in the SIR alkaline and acidic composition mode. According to the scientist, complete washing from milk deposits gives a good forecast of a satisfactory disinfection effect, therefore the purpose of further research is the need to determine the effectiveness of the use of the proposed means for disinfecting equipment and to optimize the conditions of their use according to these indicators.

Doctor of Philosophy Nataliia Maksiuta presented the report "H2 – Poltava Eco-city", the goal of the project is to develop a model of "landscaping" of municipal transport in Poltava, which includes a set of measures aimed at reducing chemical pollution and noise load on the atmospheric environment of the urban environment.

“The comfort and recreational attractiveness of urban habitat is deteriorated by chemical and noise pollution. The input of road transport emissions to Poltava air pollution is already up to 85%, noise load caused by an unregulated system of movement of both passenger and freight transport along the streets of the city, has become an integral part of its microclimate, which significantly reduces the comfort of living and affects the level of morbidity of the population. The advantage of the project presented is a significant reduction in the intake of hazardous combustion products into the environment and optimization of urban transport. Therefore, this will become one of the components of the concept of Poltava’s development as a "green standard", and will increase the recreational value and tourist attractiveness of the city," – said the author of the environmental project.

It should be recalled that the International Conference "Chance of Science" was founded in September 2015 to help refugee scientists and is conducted on an ongoing basis. For active students, scientists or researchers, teachers of universities affected by the war, it is an opportunity to continue their studies, present a research project or scientific work, share their research data and scientific experience, as well as create a network of contacts within the discipline.

Scientists of Poltava Polytechnic express words of sincere gratitude for participation in the prestigious international scientific and practical conference and the opportunity to present their own developments at a high European level. According to them, the experience gained encourages the generation of new creative ideas and scientific ideas. After all, Ukrainian science will certainly continue to exist, develop and respond to modern challenges, and generations of young scientists will multiply the achievements of their glorious predecessors, working for the benefit of their native people.

It should be recalled that the project of the Polytechnic scientists won the Jean Monnet Actions competition from the Erasmus+ programme, a professor-philologist participated in the international project of modern methods of learning German, a professor of Educational and Research Institute of Finance, Economics, Management and Law received an educational grant, Doctor of Philosophy completed an intensive course for young scientists, scientists have published a monograph on global and regional environmental risks in emergency situations, and the scientist-architect became a co-author of the research of the architectural and urban heritage in Poltava region.

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