Educational Program “Accounting and Taxation”

Educational Program “Accounting and Taxation”

Field of Study

07 Management and Administration


071 Accounting and Taxation

Educational Program

Accounting and Taxation

Educational Level


Subjects of Centralized Entrance Exam 2021

  • Ukrainian Language and Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Foreign language or Geography

Tuition Fee

Short Description of the Program

The educational program “Accounting and Taxation” will allow you to get a universally applicable and adapted to modern labor market conditions specialism and become a specialist in accounting and analytical, control and auditing, tax and auditing, ensuring financial and investment stability of business entities with various forms of ownership and activities, including budget and banking sectors. Specialism “Accounting and Taxation” allows you to understand the general principles of economic information, which is transformed into financial, tax and statistical reporting and used to manage business and analyze its results.

Program Benefits

Possibilities for studying and training abroad

Joint Bachelor’s program with the University of Greenwich (London,UK).

Main disciplines of professional training

Accounting; Financial Accounting; Business Economics; Management; Marketing; Analysis of Economic Activity; Accounting in Budgetary Institutions; Accounting and Reporting in Taxation; Enterprise Reporting and Electronic Document Management; Managerial Accounting; Bank Accounting; Internal Control; Audit

Positions that graduates can hold

Deputy Chief Accountant; Inspector of the State Tax Service Department; Economist of the economic, planning and economic department; Accountant; Inspector of the State Treasury Service Department; Inspector and auditor of the State Audit Service; Auditor; Financial analyst; Specialist in financial and economic security.

Partner Institutions

Main Department of the State Treasury Service in Poltava Region; State Tax Inspectorate in Poltava; Krakow S. Staszyc Mining and Metallurgical Academy, (Krakow, Poland); Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction; Azerbaijan State Economic University.

Contact Information

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