Educational Program “International Economic Relations”

Educational Program “International Economic Relations”

Field of Study

29 International Relations


292 International Economic Relations

Educational Program

International Economic Relations

Educational Level


Subjects of Centralized Entrance Exam 2021

  • Ukrainian language
  • Mathematics
  • Foreign language or Geography

Tuition Fee

  • Full-time: 11100 UAH per semester
  • Distance: 6500 UAH per semester
  • External: 5500 UAH per semester

Short Description of the Program

“International Economic Relations” is one of the main specialties that prepares professionals for economic activity at the international level. Nowadays in the context of large-scale transnationalization and globalization, the presence in the domestic market of foreign companies and representative offices is becoming widespread. Ukraine's economy is integrating into the world economic community, the movement of goods, capital and people across borders has become large-scale and sustainable, so the demand for trained professionals in this field is growing rapidly. The diploma in the specialty “International Economic Relations” allows to maximize the knowledge gained by our graduates in the European and world labor markets. Specialist in international economic relations: participates in business international organizational and legal relations, substantiates the specific conditions for the implementation of forms of international economic relations at the mega-, macro-, meso- and micro-levels; performs comprehensive analysis and monitoring of world food markets, assesses and is able to adapt to changes in the international environment; is able to identify patterns and characteristics of world economic development and features of economic policy; analyzes the international food markets of goods and services, tools and principles of international trade regulation; applies classical economic theories and mechanisms for the implementation of international, monetary, financial and credit relations; evaluates the security components of international economic relations; has the ability to think abstractly about the functioning of complex economic systems. The practical training of students is structured to harmonize the theoretical training at the university with the realities of the functioning of enterprises in the business environment. Students majoring in “International Economic Relations” undergo various types of internships at leading companies in various fields and sectors of the economy. Students have wide access to international academic mobility programs, international grants for educational and research projects. Seminars and trainings of well-known domestic and foreign business representatives are regularly held for students of the specialty, as well as discussion round tables with the participation of experts in the field of international economic relations on current issues. Studying “International Economic Relations” involves active participation of students in scientific work, as a result of which students have their own scientific publications.

Program Benefits

Possibilities for studying and training abroad

Participation in international grant internship programs; participation in European studies supported by the EU Delegation in Ukraine; participation in international mobility programs; participation in “dual degree” programs at foreign universities; summer schools.

Main disciplines of professional training

International Economic Relations; International Investment Activity; Enterprise Foreign Economic Activity; International Economic Activity of Ukraine; International Trade; Economy of Foreign Countries; Financial Systems of Foreign Countries; International Economic Law; International Marketing; International Finance; Foreign Language; Business Foreign Language for Professional Purposes; Second Foreign Language; Transnationalization of the Economy and Economic Policy of the State; Information Systems and Technologies in International Economic Relations; European Integration; International Economic Integration; International Monetary Relations; International Organizations; International Economic Analysis; International Trade Negotiations; Globalism.

Positions that graduates can hold

Economist; Economist in Foreign Economic Activity; Bank Operating Employee; Export Inspector; Foreign Economic Activity Accountant; economic positions that require knowledge of a foreign language; Goods Purchase and Sale Broker; Clearing (exchange commodity transactions) and Forwarding Agent; Customs Inspector; Commercial Services Agent and Trading Brokers; Stock Broker; Trade Inspector.

Partner Institutions

Bialystok University of Technology (Bialystok, Poland); Greenwich University (London, the United Kingdom); Azerbaijan State Oil Academy (Baku, Azerbaijan); Lubeck University of Applied Sciences (Lubeck, Germany).

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