The Students Union Committee

The first students union committee organization of PoltNTU students and postgraduates

The Students Union Committee is an independent, non-profit organization, which unites students, the aim of which is representing, implementing and protecting educational, social and economic rights and interests of its members. Our organization is a member of the Trade Union of Education and Science Workers of Ukraine and Human Rights Organizers of Ukrainian Students Association.

The union committee provides help and qualified advice on scholarships, students’ accommodation in a dormitory, studying, recreation, sport and leisure. The management of the organization is carried out by the union committee, which includes representatives from all institutes and faculty of the university.

The main activities:

  • Protection of students' rights and representation their interests;
  • Participation in the scholarship's purpose or cancelation of payments;
  • Taking measures for timely payment of a scholarship, avoiding its arrears;
  • Control of students' university drop-out orders;
  • Participation in the lists formation for students' accommodation in the dormitory and control of the students' moving-out for various reasons, not related to the academic success;
  • Providing free legal advice on the protection of the rights and interests of the union committee members;
  • Assistance and support of low-income students, orphan students, students who are victims of Chernobyl and disabled students, students' families;
  • Providing travel vouchers for health improvement in the Educational and Recreational Complex "Vorskla";
  • Providing of travel vouchers for health improvement in "Student sanatorium of PoltNTU";
  • Organizing and conducting sports competitions;
  • Registration of international student ID ISIC card;
  • Conducting artistic and cultural and educational events (contests, concerts, theatrical performances, faculty days, etc.);
  • Works on improving living conditions in the dormitories;
  • Encouraging students, postgraduates and doctoral students to succeed in teaching and research activity.

Chairman of the Students' Union Committee

Drobotia Olexander Vasylovych

Deputy Chairman of the Students' Union Committee

Akopian Mkrtich Karapetovy

Head of the Educational and Research Institute of Architecture and Construction Students Union Committee

Petliukh Olga Anatoliivna

Head of the Humanity Faculty Students Union Committee

Denysenko Ilona Vadymivna

Head of the Educational and Research Institute of Finance, Economy and Management Students Union Committee

Korniienko Daria Serhiivna

Head of the Educational and Research Institute of oil, gas and nature engineering Students Union Committee

Nohina Anastasia Maksymivna

Head of the Educational and Research Institute of Information Technologies and Mechanotronics Students Union Committee

Mikhnovych Maksym Anatoliiovych