Students and teachers are to train their weapon skills in a multimedia shooting gallery for a month

On March 9, the Territorial Department of the Court Security Service in the Poltava region opened a temporary training space for improving weapon handling skills at the Poltava Polytechnic. Students and academic workers will have the opportunity to train in a multimedia interactive shooting gallery for a month.

Students and teachers are to train their weapon skills in a multimedia shooting gallery for a month

Within the framework of the scientific and educational cooperation of the National University “Yuri Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic” with the Poltava bodyguards of Themis – the Territorial Department of the Court Security Service in the Poltava region (TD CSS), a temporary shooting gallery was opened in the former reading room of the scientific and technical library of the Poltava Polytechnic.

“A year ago, a law came into force that allows ordinary Ukrainians to shoot the occupiers with any weapon. It was on March 9, 2022 that the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, signed the Law of Ukraine “On Ensuring the Participation of Civilians in the Defence of Ukraine”, which gives civilians the right to resist the armed aggression of the russian federation, using any weapon.

Therefore, it is very symbolic that on this day, within the framework of cooperation with the Court Security Service, we are implementing a unique opportunity. Apparently, we are the first higher education institution in Ukraine that organizes training in a safe, multimedia shooting gallery.

By the way, we consigned Soviet publications to the dustbin of history and consigned russian-language literature to oblivion. Now the vacated space will serve as preparation for a physical fight against the russian invasion.

In my opinion, in the conditions of a full-scale invasion of the terrorist country – the russian federation, every citizen of Ukraine should freely own a weapon in order to protect him/herself, his/her family and the country. Therefore, without exaggeration, I am proud that we are doing this and I thank our partners in the person of the head of TD CSS Oleksandr Alenin for the opportunity to use this unique shooting gallery for a certain time, for cooperation.

I hope it generates a lot of interest. Since classes take place live, many participants of the educational process will be able to take advantage of the opportunity.

As an experienced shooter, I can say that the sensations are as close as possible to real ones, and for beginners, these are generally ideal conditions. Therefore, we are setting an ambitious goal of holding a university-wide express course on shooting, which can end in a competition between structural subdivisions!

Because as the great Ukrainian, whose birthday we celebrate today, bequeathed: “Keep fighting — you are sure to win! God helps you in your fight! For fame and freedom march with you, And right is on your side!” Glory to Ukraine!” – commented Rector Volodymyr Onyshchenko.

“There is a war in the country, so every citizen, regardless of gender, must not only conquer the granite of science, but also know how to use weapons, having such a neighbour. This equipment was thoughtfully purchased a couple of years ago with the support of the Poltava Regional State Administration, the Poltava Regional Council and its deputy corps. It allows one to learn and practice the skills of using weapons. The shooting gallery provides an opportunity to train both with a laser sight and with paintballs, and the shooters feel the recoil – almost as in real conditions,” – said Head of the TD CSS Oleksandr Alenin.

The multimedia interactive shooting gallery “Inhul” of the Ukrainian manufacturer was purchased as part of the Comprehensive Program on ensuring legality, law and order, protection of the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens and defence work for 2020-2027. It includes laser simulators of PM and FORT 17 (GLOCK) pistols, as well as a combined AK-74 simulator, a touch screen, a return fire system, a set of 400 simulation interactive exercises and 100 game movies, etc. 8 shooting positions work at the same time, which allows one to even organize competitions.

Such interactive multimedia shooting galleries are effectively used in law enforcement agencies, army units, private collections of Ukraine, USA, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia, Kazakhstan, etc.

The leading specialist of the Department for Work with Personnel, the press secretary of the Territorial Department of the Court Security Service in the Poltava region Kateryna Hryhorenko noted that every person in today’s conditions should acquire and constantly renew skills that are vitally necessary – this is tactical medicine, shooting and many other areas that from now on will become an integral part of the present. The event is aimed at ensuring that each employee and student familiarizes him/herself with the specifics of shooting, using weapons, as well as acquires practical skills.

The first to take up arms were the heads of the university and the Court Security Service, as well as People’s Deputy of Ukraine Andrii Bobliakh, who supported the draft law adopted by the parliament.

Recently, court security servicemen conducted training on tactical first aid, which was attended by more than a hundred students from various structural subdivisions of the university.

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