The head of the Poltava Polytechnic congratulates everyone on the World Science Day for Peace and Development

Dear academic community of the National University “Yuri Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic”, scientific community of Ukraine!

The head of the Poltava Polytechnic congratulates everyone on the World Science Day for Peace and Development

On behalf of the many thousands of academic workers and students of the National University “Yuri Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic”, I sincerely congratulate you on the World Science Day for Peace and Development!

For Ukraine, this World Science Day for Peace and Development is more relevant than ever.

This day is celebrated annually on November 10 under the auspices of UNESCO with the aim of popularizing science in society, the need for interaction between science and the world community, positive stimulation of the work of scientists, establishing a dialogue between science and society by informing citizens about the results of scientific research, their short-term and long-term impact on our planet.

Ukraine has a huge scientific and educational potential – from the achievements of talented scientists known all over the world to modern bold developers of innovations.

In Ukraine, a unique system of working with children who show abilities for scientific creativity has been created – the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, whose pupils amaze the world with their intellectual victories.

It is difficult to overestimate the role of science after an attack by an aggressor country. Today, our everyday life is a daily struggle against the aggressor on all fronts, including the scientific and educational front, despite the fact that the enemy is trying to physically destroy our universities, scientific and cultural institutions. Scientists were among the first to break academic ties with the communities of those people who turned science into a tool of propaganda and justification of aggression against peaceful Ukraine. Thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ukrainian scientists did not stop their activities, but strengthened current research, integrating into the European scientific space, focused on developments important for the reconstruction and modernization of Ukraine. Many scientists became defenders and went to the frontlines.

Our classical university makes its own significant contribution to the development of Ukrainian and European science every day. Achievements of scientists and representatives of authoritative scientific schools of the university are presented at the national and international levels. We are especially proud of the development of youth science and the support of young scientists of the university.

Our fruitful scientific and educational cooperation with the academic community of Ukraine, leading scientific institutions, in particular the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, as well as with powerful foreign partner universities covers a wide range of research, scientific and practical, educational and scientific activities. Thanks to our large-scale scientific activity, Poltava Polytechnic has been the best university in the Poltava region for many years in a row in terms of scientific activity, it is among the TOP-10 Ukrainian universities in the most influential ranking of universities in the world.

Science is the basis of development, progress, the driver of the economy and a resource for improving the quality of life in society. It is thanks to scientific achievements that the world moves forward!

I express deep respect and gratitude, dear colleagues, for hard work, I wish you good health and important scientific achievements for the benefit of Ukraine!

Science is stronger than war!

Glory to Ukraine!

Rector, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor,
Honoured Worker of Education of Ukraine,
laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology,
Knight of the Order of Merit