Educational Program “Economic Cybernetics and Analytical Economics”

Educational Program “Economic Cybernetics and Analytical Economics”

Field of Study

05 Social and Behavioural Sciences


051 Economics

Educational Program

Economic Cybernetics and Analytical Economics

Educational Level


Subjects of Centralized Entrance Exam 2020

  • Ukrainian Language and Literature
  • Mathematics or History of Ukraine (contract)
  • Geography or Foreign language (English, German, French, Spanish)

Tuition Fee

  • Full-time: 11100 UAH per semester
  • Distance: 6500 UAH per semester
  • External: 5500 UAH per semester

Short Description of the Program

The educational program “Economic Cybernetics and Analytical Economics” is a unique combination of computer and economic courses, which provides the opportunity to work in various sectors of the economy without obtaining additional expensive education or retraining. This is a modern specialty that offers students a wide range of starting opportunities. The program is focused on deep special training in economics of a modern company, the purpose is to prepare initiative and able to adapt to the modern business environment professionals. The program develops the ability to perform analytical, organizational, control, research and information functions, as well as to solve certain typical tasks in the professional engagement. Students study the most common modern programs and computer technologies for processing economic information and finding optimal management solutions.

Program Benefits

Possibilities for studying and training abroad

The “dual degree” program at the University of Greenwich in the field of “Finance, Management, Economics”; Erasmus+ programs;

Individual grants for students, graduates, teachers and other staff.

Main disciplines of professional training

Innovative Technologies of Economic Information Processing; Models of Economic Dynamics; Informatization Project Management; Monitoring Systems in the Economy; Adaptive Models of Economy; Enterprise Finance; National Economy; Social Economy; E-Commerce; Marketing; Statistics; Finance, Money and Credit; Business Economics; International Economics; Software Shells and Packages; Accounting; Information Systems in Management and Economics; Database Design; Forecasting of Socio-Economic Processes; Technology for Creating Software and Intelligent Systems; C++ Programming Language; Modeling of Economy; Economic Cybernetics; WEB-Programming

Positions that graduates can hold

Economist-analyst; Economist of the information and computer center; Economist in analysis and budgeting; Economist in accounting and analysis of financial and economic activities; Economist in taxes and fees; Economist-statistician; Logistics economist; Financial and economic security analyst; Analyst of the department of analysis and administrative costs optimization; Consolidated information analyst; specialist in automation of information processing systems; Financial analyst; Database analyst.

Partner Institutions

Leading industrial and agricultural enterprises, organizations and institutions of the service sector (Poltava, Poltava region, Ukraine); national and foreign scientific institutions and research organizations; Ukrainian and foreign institutions of higher education; state and regional authorities; Poltava Regional State Administration, district state administrations of Poltava region, territorial communities, public organizations, professional associations.

Additional Information

Contact information: +380 (095) 727-58-90 Kobets Serhii Petrovych

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