Educational Program “Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activities”

Educational Program “Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activities”

Field of Study

07 Management and Administration


076 Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activities

Educational Program

Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activities

Educational Level


Entrance Exams

  • Common Entrance Foreign Language Exam

Tuition Fee

  • Full-time: 14450 UAH per semester
  • Distance: 7500 UAH per semester
  • External: 6850 UAH per semester

Short Description of the Program

Graduates of the specialty 076 "Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities" in this educational and professional program are competitive professionals in many areas of economics, because the acquired knowledge and skills have a wide range of applications: from material production – to services, from private business – to multinational corporations , from the management of enterprise operational processes – to the development and implementation of effective vectors of investment and innovative business development.

The training of students in the educational and professional program is carried out to perform in the future organizational and managerial, commercial, analytical and research activities in the field of economics, entrepreneurship, trade and marketing. Students study a range of disciplines on the organization and management of business, manufacturing, trade and commercial activities

Program Benefits

Possibilities for studying and training abroad

Full support for all forms of international academic mobility is enshrined in the “Regulations on the implementation procedure of students' academic mobility right”, according to which the University recognizes equivalent and recalculates student learning outcomes in foreign partner universities, using the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System or assessment system of academic achievements adopted in the partner university's country.

Specialty students may study in double degree programs, which implies obtaining simultaneously diplomas of the National University “Yuri Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic” and:

  • Greenwich University (London, the United Kingdom) – in educational level “Bachelor”;
  • Bialystok University of Technology (Bialystok, Poland) – in educational level “Master”.

Students also have ample opportunities for internships at the Bialystok University of Technology, summer internships (UK, Poland, Turkey), summer schools, participation in academic mobility programs KA Erasmus + International Credit Mobility, DAAD, Fulbright Program, as well as in other partner universities:

  • Poland: Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Poznań University of Technology, Opole University of Technology, Warsaw University of Technology;
  • China: China University of Petroleum (Beijing), Beijing Institute of Technology, Lanzhou University of Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology;
  • Germany: University of Applied Sciences (Brandenburg), University of Applied Sciences (Lubeck);
  • Belgium: University of Mons.

Main disciplines of professional training

Business Diagnostics; Project Management; Business Competitiveness; Enterprise Potential Management; Portfolio Theories of Financial Investment Management; Riscology and Insurance; Comprehensive Training Course: Start-up; Enterprise Innovative Development; Business Entities Accounting Automation; Financial Management; Firm Pricing Strategies; Intermediary Enterprises Commercial Activity.

Positions that graduates can hold

  • 2441.1 Researchers (Economics)
  • 2441.2 Economist
  • 2441.2 / 25371 Sales Economist; Economist in international trade
  • 2441.2 / 25393 Expert on foreign economic issues; Entrepreneurship Efficiency Consultant; Investment Analyst
  • 2419.2 Innovation professional; Public Procurement Specialist; Entrepreneurship Efficiency Specialist; Specialist of Market Expanding Methods; Commodity Market Research Analyst
  • 2447 Professionals in Project and Program management

Main places of work: industrial enterprises, construction enterprises, agricultural firms, stock exchanges, trade and insurance companies, wholesale and retail trade enterprises, hotel and restaurant business establishments, consumer protection societies, consulting companies, state and scientific organizations, public administration and local self-government bodies , private entrepreneurship, individuals – entrepreneurs

Partner Institutions

LLC “Stock Company “ASSA”; LLC “Nova Poshta”; PJSC “Poltava Machine-Building Plant”; PJSC “Firm “Poltavpyvo””; PJSC “Poltava Oil Extraction Plant - Kernel Group”; LLC “Delta-Product”; LLC “Torhindustriia”; PE “Universam-Poltava”; PE “Proton”; PJSC “Poltava Medical Glass Plant”; LLC “TAVAAGROINVEST”; LLC “Energiia Komfortu”; PJSC “Poltava Automobile Assembly Plant”; PE “Minimaxi”; TDV “Novoivaniv Sugar Factory”; PE “Lanniv Sugar Factory”; LLC “Dovzhenko Agrofirm“

Additional Information

Entrance Exam Program

The Education and Research Institute of Finance, Economics and Management

Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Marketing

36011, Poltava, Pershotravnevyj Ave. 24

National University “Poltava Yuri Kondratyuk Politechnic”, Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Marketing

Buiding «А», auditorium 108-а


Tel. +380999653989

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