Educational Program “Oil and Gas Geology”

Educational Program “Oil and Gas Geology”

Field of Study

10 Natural Science


103 Earth Science

Educational Program

Oil and Gas Geology

Educational Level


Subjects of Centralized Entrance Exam 2020

  • Ukrainian Language and Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Geography
  • Physics

Tuition Fee

  • Full-time: 8000 UAH per semester

Short Description of the Program

Energy resources occupy primary position in Ukrainian economic development. This fact sets additional requirements to the prospects of oil and gas industry development, specifically- personnel competency.

Higher education in the educational program “Oil and Gas Geology” places an emphasis on forming and developing professionalism in the field of oil and gas geology, specifically – ability to solve complicated specialized tasks and practical problems in the professional work in the Earth Science field at training, using modern theoretical knowledge and research methods.

Educational Program “Oil and Gas Geology” was developed by the operations group of National University “Yuri Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic” Educational and Research Institute of Oil and Gas. The group members are qualified professionals, as well as leading experts from various oil and gas production and geological exploration organizations and establishments who specialize in the accordant field and provide consultation and cooperation. Educational Program focuses on training specialists who have extensive knowledge in oil and gas geology, oil and gas exploration and surveying, capable of performing theoretical estimation and experimentation work, use informational technology, manage projects, organize project and production departments’ work, developing and designing oil and gas production.

The program is done according to the modern tendencies in scientific and industrial aspects of the field, as well as oil and gas geologist’s obligations and responsibilities in establishments, organizations or scientific research institutes to increase compatibility of our graduates on the job market and promote their professional and scientific development.

Program Benefits

Possibilities for studying and training abroad

International programs: Erasmus+; Etwinning Plus ; Horizon2020; University of Helsinki Program for International Students in Finland; Degree Completion Grants for International Students at Universität Hamburg in Germany; Additive Manufacturing – Postdoctoral Appointee, Brunel University London Phd Studentship for UK, EU and International Students; Additive Manufacturing - Postdoctoral Appointe;

Dual Diploma programs: Azerbaijan Oil and Industry University

Main disciplines of professional training

Ecology and Fundamentals of Oil and Gas Geoecology; General Geology; Mathematical Statistics and Geological Data Processing; Fundamentals of Hydrogeology and Geological Engineering; Fundamentals of Geochemistry; Fundamentals of Geophysics; Human Security; Mineralogy; Historic Geology and Fundamentals of Paleontology; Structural Geology and Geo-Mapping; Geologic Surveying; Petrography; Lithology; Mineral Deposits Geology; Geotectonics; Regional Geology; Economic Geology; Industrial Oil and Gas Geology; Petroleum-Bearing Areas of the World; Oil and Gas Production Methods; Geomorphology and Fundamentals of Glacial Geology; Oil and Gas Geology, Explorations and Surveying of Petroleum Fields.

Positions that graduates can hold

Graduates of the “Oil and Gas Geology” educational program can resolve tasks related to explorations, surveys and evaluations of oil and gas fields and deposits. After the graduation, they can work as geologists, geophysicists, hydrogeologists, lab assistants (chemistry and physics research), engineers, administrators and inspectors in the field of geology, geological surveying, production industry, environmental protection, earth crust, earth and natural resources utilization.

Bachelor’s degree graduates in accordance with National Classification of Ukraine «Occupational Classification»; DC 003: 2010 // State Committee for Technical Regulation and Consumer Policy of Ukraine. - K. 2010: can hold relevant positions:

  • 3111 - Geo technician
  • 3111 — Geophysics technician
  • 3111 — Hydrogeology technician
  • 3111 — Technician laboratory assistant (chemistry and physics research)
  • 3117 - Spectroscopist
  • 3119 — Apprentice researcher
  • 3119 - Technician
  • 3340 — Other specialists in the field of education
  • 3436 — Deputy Head
  • 3439 — Other technical specialists in management sphere
  • 3449 — Other state inspectors

Partner Institutions

Ukrgasvydobuvannya, NAS of Ukraine S. Subbotin Geophysics Institute , NAS of Ukraine Gas Institute, NAS of Ukraine Geological Science Institute, Ukrnafta, DTEK, Geo Synthesis Engineering, Burova Tekhnika, Ukrnaukaheozentr, Poltava Petroleum Company, Geo-Alliance Group.

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