Polytechnic Opens Cyber Robo Lab, a Robotics Laboratory

A new IT and robotics laboratory, Cyber Robo Lab, was opened at Poltava Polytechnic. The educational and scientific laboratory will also become the training ground for the university team that will take part at the World Robot Olympiad.

Polytechnic Opens Cyber Robo Lab, a Robotics Laboratory

The new laboratory was visited by Member of the Committee of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for Humanitarian and Information Policy, Member of Parliament of Ukraine Andrii Bobliakh.

The laboratory was equipped with new furniture, laptops, a mobile board, and a separate table for working with the detail set for the competition TETRIX - a set of TETRIX MAX, completed to meet the requirements of the competition.

“The process of studying robotics as an applied science means deep understanding of physical processes, working principles of various mechanisms and electronic units. It is much more pleasant to go along the way of receiveing the knowledge and skills necessary for developing and programming robots if there is a place to experiment and realize one's ideas. Cyber Robo Lab is such a place. The laboratory has the space for holding classes of robotics using innovative teaching methods. Students and guests of our university will be able to learn about such directions of this science as mobile robotics, the principles of using industrial robots, the basics of computer modeling and so on,” Rector, Professor Volodymyr Onyshchenko said.

The facilities of our university were complemented by the TETRIX set, a perfect platform for creativity in creation of serious models of robots for studying. It consists of 843 pieces that are used by teams to create functional robots and solve complicated engineering problems.

“The students will be able to start the search for their own original solutions to engineering problems related to robot programming at the Cyber Robo Lab. The use of robot models allow for researching the principles of the operation of their sensors, learning the methods of working with them and the peculiarities of microcontrol. Engineers need to create an algorithm using modern programming languages for a robot to function. Solving problems related to robotics gives a great start for innovations, creativity and problem solution skills. It will later influence other applied sciences, engineering and software development. While solving the tasks, the youth work in teams, they learn together in an interactive form,” PhD in Engineering, Associate Professor of Automatics, Electronics and Telecommunications Department of Education and Research Institute of Information Technology and Mechanotronics Bohdan Boriak. Last year, during “The Night of the Science of Youth” a university’s scientist presented his own design in digital technology, an adaptive low frequencies filter.

“Such a modern university as Poltava Polytechnic creates all the necessary conditions for the development of Ukrainian students’ potential and opens new up-to-date technical laboratories, involving young scientists into their operation. It’s a perfect place for talented youth, and school leavers should think about it. And since there is a great goal - the World Robot Olympiad, one of the largest world olympiads, the key event in the field of innovative education technology and programs - the preparation has to be very serious. I wish you to perform well at the competitions and to get interesting scientific achievements!” Member of Parliament Andrii Bobliakh said.

National University "Yuri Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic” was included into the top-50 most popular Ukrainian higher education institutions to study IT in the ranking created by DOU.UA.

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