Educational program “Heat Power Engineering”

Educational program “Heat Power Engineering”

Field of Study

14 Electrical Engineering


144 Heat Power Engineering

Educational Program

Heat Power Engineering

Educational Level


Subjects of Centralized Entrance Exam 2021

  • Ukrainian Language
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemisrty

Tuition Fee

  • Full-time: 7500 UAH per semester
  • Distance: 7000 UAH per semester

Short Description of the Program

Heat power engineering is the most important part of the national Ukraine’s economy. It provides the functioning of all national economy sectors, the consolidation of Ukraine’s subjects, makes a decisive contribution to the formation of the main financial and economic indicators of the country and ensures Ukraine’s energy security.

During the students’ training in the educational program “Heat power engineering” the main emphasis is paid on the formation and development of professional skills in heat power engineering, i.e. the ability to solve complex special and practical problems in professional engagement: the formation and use of heat energy, special non-conventional and renewable energy sources, control over heating and power processes and systems, organizational and legal aspects of heat power management.

The educational program “Heat Power Engineering”» was developed by the working group of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Oil and Gas of the National University “Yuri Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic”. The group members are staff with special qualifications.

The educational program focuses on training professionals who have deep knowledge and are able to solve: the availability of investment resources for the industry appeal; the unsatisfactory condition of the energy sector, which continues to deteriorate due to the technical aging of fixed assets, most of which have already depleted their resources and need immediate modernization or replacement; flawed legislation and heavy-handed tariff system for adopting energy efficiency measures; lack of investment for fixed assets modernization of thermal energy.

The program is created taking into account the development of scientific trends and industrial areas of the field, heat power engineer’s tasks and duties in institutions, organizations or research institutes, to increase the competitiveness of graduates in the labor market and their professional and scientific growth.

Program Benefits

Possibilities for studying and training abroad

Erasmus+; Etwinning Plus; Horizon2020; University Of Helsinki Program for International Students in Finland; Degree Completion Grants for International Students at Universität Hamburg in Germany; Additive Manufacturing - Postdoctoral Appointee, Brunel University London Phd Studentship for UK, EU And International Students; Additive Manufacturing - Postdoctoral Appointe;

Main disciplines of professional training

Boiler Installations of Industrial Enterprises; Heat Supply Sources of Industrial Enterprises; Heating Energy Distribution and Heat System Use; Operation and Adjustment of Thermal Power Equipment; Heat Distribution Networks and their Equipment; Basics of Energy Conservation; Heating Processes and Installations; Ventilation Systems in Heat Power Engineering; Transportation and Use Systems of Combustible Gases in Heat Power Engineering; Gas Networks and Equipment of Gas Networks; Hydraulic and Aerodynamic Machines; Dust Collection and Industrial Wastes Remediation; Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources; Fuel and Combustion Theory; Heat Power Systems of Industrial Enterprises; Steam and Steam Turbines.

Positions that graduates can hold

A characteristic feature of the educational-professional program “Heat Power Engineering” is its interdisciplinary nature, which allows graduates to master skills in various fields of professional engagements. It will enable young professionals to be competitive and adapt to the dynamic conditions of the labor market, to join the ranks of professional heat engineers, and to hold relevant positions according to the National Classification of Ukraine «Occupational Classification»; DC 003: 2010 // State Committee for Technical Regulation and Consumer Policy of Ukraine. - K. 2010:

  • 3115 - Heating engineer;
  • 3113 - Technician for operation of solar power systems, energy technician;
  • 3117 - Technician for operation of gas facilities objects;
  • 3112 - Technician of sanitary systems, technician-designer;
  • 3119 - Technician - heating engineer;
  • 3111 - Specialist in energy management in buildings;
  • 2147.2 - Ventilation engineer, gas facility objects operation engineer.

Partner Institutions

Ukrhazvydobuvannyaa, Institute of Geophysics named after S.Subbotin of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the Institute of Gas of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the Institute of Geological Sciences of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukrnafta, Energoholding DTEK, LLC Hesynthesis Engineering, «Burova Tekhnika», Ukrnaukaheotsentr, Poltava Gas and Oil Company, GeoAlliance Group.

Additional Information

Educational and Research Institute of Oil and Gas:

Department of Heat and Gas Supply, Ventilation and Heat Power Engineering:

Address: Poltava, Pershotravnevyj Ave. 24.

Building F, rooms 121, 122, 123

Tel: (053) 227-38-57



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