Rector Presents Updates in the Training of Oil and Gas Specialists and Successful Projects with Business

Rector of National University “Yuri Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic” Volodymyr Onyshchenko presented successful cases of systemically realizing projects of the strategy of cooperation between education, science and business at the traditional Kyiv Conference.

Rector Presents Updates in the Training of Oil and Gas Specialists and Successful Projects with Business

National University “Yuri Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic” became a partner of a large-scale oil-and-gas-related event, the V Kyiv Conference, organized by an old strategic business-partner of our university, Newfolk Oil and Gas Consulting Center (OGCC) LLC headed by Director General Andrii Zakrevskyi. Despite the lockdown and the impossibility of gathering offline, the representatives of leading Ukrainian oil and gas production and service companies and higher education institutions shared their achievements in the fields of education, science and investment attraction.

The achievements of realizing the cooperation strategy between education, science and business at National University “Yuri Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic” were presented by Rector of our university, Professor Volodymyr Onyshchenko.

“It is incredibly important for me to be a participant of this event, which is very important for the oil and gas industry. In spite of the conference being held online, our university does not break faith in our traditions, so today I am glad to present the new directions of development and the multi-vector cooperation between Poltava Polytechnic and business. It has only been two months since my last presentation at the Forum in Poltava. And despite the lockdown, university has held a lot of interesting events worth speaking about,” Rector, Professor Volodymyr Onyshchenko emphasized.

The speaker presented the continuous update and recent large-scale modernization of university facilities.

The opening of a new scientific subdivision, Education and Production Center presented at the VI International Industry Forum in September, became one of the main points in the successful realization of the development strategy of our higher education institution for the next few years.

“Over the two-month period of the Education and Production Center functioning at university, the internal audit of existing laboratories has been conducted, the equipment and materials have been checked, the tools for experiments are being tested, the preparation for the state certification of laboratories is held, the oil, gas and analytical laboratories are being equipped. The Center is ready to provide high-quality services and conduct scientific research to successfully realize the production process.

“We consider creating a single laboratory facility for high-quality fulfillment of orders from companies and for participating in competitive tenders, as well as using the facility to train post-graduates and conduct scientific research,” Volodymyr Onyshchenko commented.

It is important to mention that the newly created subdivision of the university, as well as teachers of the Oil and Gas Engineering and Technology Department and Construction Technology Department, have started a joined process of realizing research in various topics, considered to be relevant and have potential in the modern realia of hydrocarbons production, so Rector Volodymyr Onyshchenko plans to offer the business representatives to join the research process.

The main achievements of Poltava Polytechnic this fall include the large-scale renovation of the Educational and Scientific Oil and Gas Ground, an extremely important object for starting the training of oil and gas engineers. The facilities of the ground allow for enhancing the level and the quality of students’ training, especially during the lockdown, as the ground is located outside and allows to hold classes in safe conditions.

“The renovation is held in close cooperation with business. On this occasion I would like to thank Director of Poltavahazvydobuvannia Andrii Misiniov for providing the necessary equipment to renew the functioning of the ground. The software of the ground was updated with the support of Infotekhprom, a private company. This ground is in fact an analogue of a real center of production management, and our students can get practical skills of operating the production process at university. The modern software allowed to organize an automatized working place of well operator. The use of such technological equipment is important in training oil and gas specialists, because students can see the processes that occur in the production of hydrocarbons in different methods.

“We have already set the equipment. I am sure that the knowledge received at university and particularly at this training ground will help our students become real specialists in the future and be ready to work in the leading oil and gas companies of the world,” Rector said.

The training center launched together with Wellsite has been functioning at university dynamically, using the newest visualization tools and software for studying. The training simulators of this laboratory are the most modern equipment of this class and are used for training specialists in such countries as the USA, the UK and the UAE. They meet the standards determined by IWCF (International Well Control Forum) and IADC (International Association of Drilling Contractors). The certificate received by the students of IWCF programs is recognized all over the world and opens large-scale prospects for the certificate holders, such as career growth, the possibility of employment abroad, promotion at working place.

“Our priority is the quality of education and not just certificates. The price of workers’ mistakes is too high, so we train our specialists to think about quality and great results of their work. I would like to empathize that all the projects realized at university with business are working. We are ready to provide reports on the efficiency of using the business investments,” Volodymyr Onyshchenko added.

A very important factor for university’s activity is the operation of one of its separated structural subdivisions, Poltava Oil and Gas College, in which the decent fundamentals for building professional competence of specialists are formed. A special feature of the college is its geological museum, which has been functioning for more than 40 years and has more than 3,000 exhibits.

University and college unite their efforts to enhance the quality of future specialists’ training, and one of the most successful cases is creating functioning models of oil and gas equipment. Excellent facilities of our university and college allow scientists to update the methods of producing models and to use the 3D modelling and printing technologies. The models created by students are actively used in teaching process and demonstrated at various events.

To conclude, Rector of National University “Yuri Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic” Volodymyr Onyshchenko invited the participants of the conference (top-management of leading Ukrainian companies, long-term partners, public representatives) for an important event celebrated at the state level, the anniversary of our university, and to develop new partner projects, because university is ready to implement ideas of any levels. In particular, Poltava Polytechnic has traditionally become the place for holding large international industry forums twice, the second of them was held in the open air in September, 2020.

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