Department of the Ukrainian Studies, Culture and Documentation

The necessity of implementing the law of the USSR "About Languages..." in the educational and research process of the Poltava Engineering and Construction Institute resulted in the decision of the Academic Council and the decree of the Rector No. 61 dated January 24, 1991 establishing one of the first among the higher technical educational institutions of Ukraine of the Department of Ukrainian Studies and humanitarian training.

In the 2012-2013 academic year, the department became a graduate in the direction of preparation "Documentation and Information Activity" (from 2015, in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 266 "About approval of the list of knowledge and specialization fields under which higher education institutions are prepared", for Specialty 029 "Information, Library and Archives") of the educational and qualification level of the bachelor and was renamed the Department of Ukrainian Studies, Culture and Documentation.

In 2017 the department successfully passed the accreditation of the master's educational program "Documentation and Information Activity".

In addition to basic educational activities, the department also performs certification regarding the level of proficiency in the Ukrainian language of persons applying for civil servants.

On this photo the staff of the department at the National Museum of History of the University


The founders of the department are the administration, the board of departments of humanitarian disciplines and the candidate of historical sciences, associate professor N. K. Kocherga, who became the first head of the unit.

N. Kocherga - the founder of the department, candidate of historical sciences, associate professor

From 1995 to 2002, N. Kocherga worked as vice-rector on humanitarian education and education, took an active part in the development of the Concept of educational activities of the scientific and pedagogical staff, the creation of student self-government bodies, the manufacture of symbols and attributes of the university. With its active participation, was modernized, enlarged, expanded exhibition of the museum of history of the educational institution, which became the center of Ukrainian studies, culturological and educational work in the student, scientific and pedagogical collectives. In 1998, according to the results of the regional competition among public museums of higher educational institutions of the Poltava region, the museum was awarded the status of "folk", in 2008 this status was confirmed.

In 2018, N. Kocherga passed away for eternity, in honor of her achievements as one of the founders of the department, the decision of the administration and scientific council of the university was given to her folk museum.

Since 2015 the department is headed by the doctor of historical sciences, the senior lecturer I Perederii. Under her leadership, the department has gained further steady development in all areas of activity.